November ePortfolio of the Month: Diana Mendez

November’s ePortfolio of the month winner is Diana Mendez. Diana is a sophomore Management major who expresses her love of sports, reading, and organization on her first ePortfolio page.  She has posted a few meaningful photos and has stated her goals which include a study abroad trip!  Diana was first introduced to ePortfolio by her advisor in her University 101 class. “At first, I had trouble understanding how to work the website,” Diana says. “After playing around with my profile and viewing other successful ePortfolios, I learned that it was like a fun resume where you can post pictures and write about experiences that matter to you the most”. When Diana makes additions to her ePortfolio, she likes to post pictures along with her experiences, as they give the viewer a better idea of those events. Diana has gotten a lot of great feedback from professors and students, with students telling her “it is fun to look at”. Diana’s favorite aspect of her ePortfolio is the opportunity to create her own page names.  She enjoys updating the page titles, such as “Leadership, Experience, and About Me.”



Diana’s Experience page highlights the different internships and jobs she’s done. Instead of just listing her experiences, she added pictures, some information about the companies, and her responsibilities. Diana’s portfolio highlights her intern experience in Human Resources, her current position as a student aide at Pace University, and her participation in the Career Opportunities in Accounting Profession program at St. Johns University.  Diana has presented her professional experiences in a very engaging way.


She also includes photos of sports teams she’s belonged to, as well as leadership activities at Pace. These include soccer, basketball, orientation leader, and peer leader. Diana is very proud of her achievements and has posted photos to show her viewers what those experiences were like.

Two Steps to Embed Twitter on ePortfolio

The process of adding a Twitter account to ePortfolio has changed over the years as the Mahara ePortfolio software has evolved. Use the steps below for a quick way to embed tweets from any public Twitter account.

1. Go to, add a public Twitter handle and click “Fetch RSS.”  Copy the new RSS feed URL.


2. When in edit mode on any ePortfolio page, select the external feed block and insert the RSS feed URL.



Voila! The Twitter feed will not display on your page.

October ePortfolio of the Month: Alex Saitta


From  biology major’s Alex Saitta’s ePortfolio pages, it is evident  that he is involved on campus, loves snowboarding, and  is an active volunteer.  You can also tell that he is a dedicated student since he has taken five to six courses every semester! You may never guess that Alex initially struggled to use ePortfolio. Read on and see how he evolved from novice to expert.

Alex was first introduced to ePortfolio during Orientation as an incoming freshman.  It was when his English professor required that he use the tool, that Alex began building his ePortfolio.

“[It was} confusing to say the least,” Alex recalled.”  “I had no idea what I was doing.”  Once Alex spent some time with the site, he was able to figure it out and even began helping friends with their ePortfolios!

Alex’s process of building an ePortfolio was a slow one.  Each year, his profile would evolve as he did.

“As I grew older and more mature, I realized the purpose of ePortfolio,” he said. “I began to embrace [it] and put more work into it.  It slowly started to come together, and I had more classwork to fill up the empty spaces.”

Alex’s favorite aspect of ePortfolio is the Introduction page where he has included pictures, commentary about who he is, a word collage, and a list of his skills.   “This page allowed me to show a side of myself you wouldn’t know by just viewing my coursework,” he explains.



Alex’s Microbiology page is where the majority of the editing took place.  It includes research articles, blogs, videos, images, and files.  This is a page that he put together for a course and later presented it to his class.  Though he was only required to make one page, he explains: “I’m not the type of person who could live with an incomplete profile.”  He received positive comments on his page, and said he felt proud to show his hard work to the class.

Alex’s Co-curricular Activities page uses several different types of media to show his involvement outside of the classroom.  He is a member of the Tri-Beta honor society and was involved in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Alex has placed his ePortfolio link on his resume so his graduate school of choice can see the time and effort that went into his coursework.

New Discovery: A Simple Way to Link ePortfolio and LinkedIn

ePortfolio and LinkedIn go hand in hand for young professionals in search of work.  Back in the day, we used to have to make a multitude of confusing clicks to link the two sites.  Now, we can link ePortfolio and LinkedIn in less than three minutes!  LinkedIn has a space which asks for a personal website or portfolio.  This is an excellent spot to input a link to your ePortfolio collection!  Watch this short video to learn how.

To add a LinkedIn button on ePortfolio:

  1. Log in to LinkedIn and click Profile > Edit Profile
  2. Click edit next to your personal profile link
  3. Click “create a profile badge” and copy the code
  4. Log in to ePortfolio and drag the text box onto your page
  5. Click the HTML button in the text box, paste in your code and save!


Page Layouts: Basic, Advanced, Custom … Oh My!

There are several ways to customize ePortfolio pages with pictures, text, files, and videos. What other way can you add a little more custom flare? Easy…layouts!

Thanks to our latest upgrade, there are now many more ways to rearrange the content on your pages. These new layout options are easy to find. When customizing a page, select the “edit layout” tab. Here there are three categories: Basic, Advanced and Custom (located under Advanced).




Basic layouts give the user 10 options that include both columns and rows. An example of a basic layout can be seen below.




Advanced layouts give users the option to choose how many rows they would like their page to have. These layouts give users a little more freedom with their pages by giving them more design options on how they would like to distribute their content boxes.




Custom layouts can be found under advanced options. When creating a custom layout you can select how many columns you would like on the page and how wide you want them to be. Next, you can add rows. On the right hand side there is a small window giving a preview to what the layout will look like. Once the you finalize your layout is saved. Custom layouts are great for pages with a lot of information, as well as pages where users have more creative freedom, such as an introduction or travel page.



Need help deciding on the right layout for your page? Contact us at .

September ePortfolio of the Month: Rachel Douty

This month we are featuring a participant from last summer’s Pace Prep program, a five-week multidisciplinary online course for incoming first-year students.  Rachel Douty’s ePortfolio is a great example of how even new college students can create meaningful ePortfolios.

Rachel said her favorite part of Pace Prep was exploring the different areas of study offered at Pace, which affirmed her interest in finance.  In each module of the Pace Prep course students were asked to post reflections, goals, and a few additional items in ePortfolio.

“My favorite aspect of ePortfolio is the flexibility of the platform to accommodate all types of media and [the user's] ability to control the presentation of that media,” Rachel said. “I [took advantage of] this by uploading photos, work samples, and more, and then arranging them in an intuitive and visually appealing way.”

Though she had not started any credit-bearing courses at the time, Rachel’s Introduction page still gives viewers a good idea of who she is and what she hopes to achieve. It features a favorite quote, a wordle with adjectives that describe her, and her personal and professional goals.


Rachel’s advice to other new ePortfolio users is to first evaluate their skills and goals and then try to find the right medium (text, bulleted list, photos, etc.) to display those ideas.

Rachel also has a head start on her Academic Materials page.  This page includes reflections on three of the Pace Prep modules and a powerful reflection where she talks about feeling “more connected with peers and professors due to the use of the discussion forum and the ePortfolio comments.”  She also reflects on “Secrets of the Most Successful College Students, ” an article from the English module, where she writes about pursuing passion instead of just good grades.  This seems to be working for Rachel as she already has four badges!


Congratulations to Rachel for putting together her ePortfolio so early in the game- we can’t wait to see how it evolves throughout her college career.

New Semester, New Features!

In August, we completed our annual ePortfolio upgrade. As promised, this upgrade brought new features that will help customize your ePortfolio more than ever before. The way you edit and add content to your pages also got a sleek makeover. Read on as we show you around…

Additional Page Layout Options

Last semester, students expressed a desire to further customize their pages.  With the new page layout options, students can edit the number of rows and columns each page displays.  Creating a custom layout leads to even more exciting options for tailoring your page to perfection.


Embeddable PDFs

In addition to uploading a PDF as a file to download, you can now also embed the file on the page. This could be a great way to display your resume.


Editing Menu

No longer do you need to worry about dragging a content box all the way down a long page.  The new editing bar, now on the left instead of the top, moves with you as you scroll.  Some of the content boxes like “Files to Download” have new categories, so take some time to explore the new layout.


Responsive Design for Mobile Editing

While you could always view ePortfolios on mobile devices, now editing is also a possibility, thanks to the new responsive design. Now ePortfolio detects whether you are accessing the site on your computer, phone, or tablet and adjusts the screen size accordingly.



Have you received a digital badge for an accomplishment? We know our contest winners have! Now you can display these badges from your Mozilla Backpack to your ePortfolio.  The Open Badge content block is under the “External” section on the editing menu.” For more help with badges, email an eTern at


Journal Deletion Warning

No more accidentally deleting journals!  Now, before you delete a journal that is currently displayed on one of your pages, a pop up message appears to remind you that it is in use.


Quick Links on the Dashboard Page

While these green buttons debuted in the spring, we think they’re worth a second mention. With one click, the Create and Share buttons will direct you to your ready-to-edit Introduction page or to your edit access page, where you can control who can view your pages.

sevenBe sure to test out these new features by updating your ePortfolio with your summer experiences and fall goals!

ePortfolio Upgrade Updates

On Tuesday, July 22 from 4:00 AM-8:00AM, ePortfolio will be unavailable. After this downtime, a new and improved version of ePortfolio will be at your fingertips! Check out the new features our eTerns are the most excited about. Other features include the ability to embed PDFs, and a new easier-to-use editing layout.


In the coming weeks we will be updating our tutorials on In the meantime, feel free to email with any questions.

We know you will love the new and improved ePortfolio!

June ePortfolio of the Month: Sarah Santhouse

This month we are featuring the ePortfolio pages of business management major, Sarah Santhouse.

Sarah was first introduced to the tool by her orientation leader, Devante, during her first few weeks at Pace.  He made an impression on her since he actively used ePortfolio for his photography and other school work.  Sarah was able to get more practice with the platform later on in training sessions in her courses.

If you take a look at Sarah’s Co-curricular /Extracurricular Activities page you will begin to understand how involved and connected Sarah is as a student and as a business professional.  She is involved in community service events within her current internship position, wrote about it, included a picture, and a hyperlink to the site that she designed herself!  Sarah does a great job of showcasing herself to her audience.


In the beginning, ePortfolio overwhelmed Sarah- there was so much material to include, she did not know where to start.  When describing her public speaking class experience, Sarah stated: “Fortunately, my professor had specific features she wanted us to use for the assignment associated with ePortfolio and it gave me a taste of all that was available to me.”  She learned the basics in class, and then through trial and error she mastered ePortfolio at home.

One piece of advice any eTern will tell you is to click through the viewer before logging in to ePortfolio to view student samples for ideas and inspiration.  Sarah did this on her own by looking at the different layouts and pictures that her friends were using.

Her friends then give her tips on what looks good and her peers give feedback on assignments and papers before submission.  Since ePortfolios are always works in progress, feedback is a key to triumph.

Sarah showed her portfolio to her current employer who encouraged her to include it on her resume because “it gave her an idea of what kind of person I was based on what I thought was worthy of [including] on my personal site.”

“I believe that one look at my ePortfolio will show you that I have become more confident in my abilities, that I’ve learned so much about the business world and can apply it to my life every day, and that my education and professional development is incredibly important to me” Sarah said.

“Having an ePortfolio attached my name to all of the hard work I’ve put in to my education and can show whoever looks me up that I am a worthwhile member of the Pace University community with a lot to offer.”




Sneak Peak of 1.9: Our eTerns’ Favorite New Features

By the time students return for the fall semester, ePortfolio will have a new look, more options for adding content, and new features in place to make the process of creating ePortfolios easier. Mahara (the software Pace uses for ePortfolio) released version 1.9 last month. Since then, our eTerns have been testing the new site and have been exploring the new features. Check out each eTern’s favorite new feature below!

pic1Meg likes the Warning Messages before Deleting Journals and Pages:

The newest version of ePortfolio essentially thinks for you by preventing unwanted deletions.  Before you delete a journal that is currently displayed on a page a pop up message appears that lets you know the number pages that contain the journal.

pic2Similarly, if you delete a page that is in a collection, ePortfolio also warns you.  A reminder will appear notifying you that the page is part of a collection.  It provides a link to the collection for you to check whether you really want to delete the page.

pic3Heidi Tested the Caption Feature for Image Galleries:

Now users can add captions to image galleries!  The image will appear with its description automatically. In the past students would need to number the images and include a text box with numbered captions for each image. This new feature makes it easier for students to display images with the proper captions, and it makes it easier for viewers to know exactly which caption goes with which picture.

pic4Sabiya is Excited About Skins: Add Custom CSS

If you are all about personalizing your pages, then ePortfolio’s Custom CSS update is for you!  Before, you were allowed to tweak the CSS to change some elements on the pages, but now with ePortfolio’s update, you will be able to include more CSS than ever! All you have to do is expand the bottom of the “Custom CSS” text box and drop your code in. When you are done, hit save and see your amazing updates or cancel if you want to rework your code.

Uri tests Feedback

When someone would leave you feedback on your page in Version 1.7 it would appear at the very bottom, unable to be moved.  Now you are in control since you can choose to delete or move the feedback to any place on your page. After all, there’s no point in hiding good feedback!

pic5Uri likes the Creative Commons Licenses

An update which may go unnoticed by many is the choice you now have regarding which creative commons license you wish to use.  In version 1.8 you were only able to use 3.0, however in version 1.9 you are able to choose to use either 3.0 or 4.0.

“The 4.0 licenses — more than two years in the making — are the most global, legally robust licenses produced by CC to date. We have incorporated dozens of improvements that make sharing and reusing CC-licensed materials easier and more dependable than ever before.”

Students will want to use this feature in order to protect the work that they are sharing.  They can decide whether others can re-use the work or remix it to create something new.

pic6Andrew Enjoys More Page Layout Options

Now users have more options for adding columns and rows to their pages. The update offers a greater variety in new and diverse built-in layouts compared to previous versions, 1.9 also integrates a way for students to create custom layouts based upon the size and number of rows/columns.