New Semester, New Features!

In August, we completed our annual ePortfolio upgrade. As promised, this upgrade brought new features that will help customize your ePortfolio more than ever before. The way you edit and add content to your pages also got a sleek makeover. Read on as we show you around…

Additional Page Layout Options

Last semester, students expressed a desire to further customize their pages.  With the new page layout options, students can edit the number of rows and columns each page displays.  Creating a custom layout leads to even more exciting options for tailoring your page to perfection.


Embeddable PDFs

In addition to uploading a PDF as a file to download, you can now also embed the file on the page. This could be a great way to display your resume.


Editing Menu

No longer do you need to worry about dragging a content box all the way down a long page.  The new editing bar, now on the left instead of the top, moves with you as you scroll.  Some of the content boxes like “Files to Download” have new categories, so take some time to explore the new layout.


Responsive Design for Mobile Editing

While you could always view ePortfolios on mobile devices, now editing is also a possibility, thanks to the new responsive design. Now ePortfolio detects whether you are accessing the site on your computer, phone, or tablet and adjusts the screen size accordingly.



Have you received a digital badge for an accomplishment? We know our contest winners have! Now you can display these badges from your Mozilla Backpack to your ePortfolio.  The Open Badge content block is under the “External” section on the editing menu.” For more help with badges, email an eTern at


Journal Deletion Warning

No more accidentally deleting journals!  Now, before you delete a journal that is currently displayed on one of your pages, a pop up message appears to remind you that it is in use.


Quick Links on the Dashboard Page

While these green buttons debuted in the spring, we think they’re worth a second mention. With one click, the Create and Share buttons will direct you to your ready-to-edit Introduction page or to your edit access page, where you can control who can view your pages.

sevenBe sure to test out these new features by updating your ePortfolio with your summer experiences and fall goals!

ePortfolio Upgrade Updates

On Tuesday, July 22 from 4:00 AM-8:00AM, ePortfolio will be unavailable. After this downtime, a new and improved version of ePortfolio will be at your fingertips! Check out the new features our eTerns are the most excited about. Other features include the ability to embed PDFs, and a new easier-to-use editing layout.


In the coming weeks we will be updating our tutorials on In the meantime, feel free to email with any questions.

We know you will love the new and improved ePortfolio!

June ePortfolio of the Month: Sarah Santhouse

This month we are featuring the ePortfolio pages of business management major, Sarah Santhouse.

Sarah was first introduced to the tool by her orientation leader, Devante, during her first few weeks at Pace.  He made an impression on her since he actively used ePortfolio for his photography and other school work.  Sarah was able to get more practice with the platform later on in training sessions in her courses.

If you take a look at Sarah’s Co-curricular /Extracurricular Activities page you will begin to understand how involved and connected Sarah is as a student and as a business professional.  She is involved in community service events within her current internship position, wrote about it, included a picture, and a hyperlink to the site that she designed herself!  Sarah does a great job of showcasing herself to her audience.


In the beginning, ePortfolio overwhelmed Sarah- there was so much material to include, she did not know where to start.  When describing her public speaking class experience, Sarah stated: “Fortunately, my professor had specific features she wanted us to use for the assignment associated with ePortfolio and it gave me a taste of all that was available to me.”  She learned the basics in class, and then through trial and error she mastered ePortfolio at home.

One piece of advice any eTern will tell you is to click through the viewer before logging in to ePortfolio to view student samples for ideas and inspiration.  Sarah did this on her own by looking at the different layouts and pictures that her friends were using.

Her friends then give her tips on what looks good and her peers give feedback on assignments and papers before submission.  Since ePortfolios are always works in progress, feedback is a key to triumph.

Sarah showed her portfolio to her current employer who encouraged her to include it on her resume because “it gave her an idea of what kind of person I was based on what I thought was worthy of [including] on my personal site.”

“I believe that one look at my ePortfolio will show you that I have become more confident in my abilities, that I’ve learned so much about the business world and can apply it to my life every day, and that my education and professional development is incredibly important to me” Sarah said.

“Having an ePortfolio attached my name to all of the hard work I’ve put in to my education and can show whoever looks me up that I am a worthwhile member of the Pace University community with a lot to offer.”




Sneak Peak of 1.9: Our eTerns’ Favorite New Features

By the time students return for the fall semester, ePortfolio will have a new look, more options for adding content, and new features in place to make the process of creating ePortfolios easier. Mahara (the software Pace uses for ePortfolio) released version 1.9 last month. Since then, our eTerns have been testing the new site and have been exploring the new features. Check out each eTern’s favorite new feature below!

pic1Meg likes the Warning Messages before Deleting Journals and Pages:

The newest version of ePortfolio essentially thinks for you by preventing unwanted deletions.  Before you delete a journal that is currently displayed on a page a pop up message appears that lets you know the number pages that contain the journal.

pic2Similarly, if you delete a page that is in a collection, ePortfolio also warns you.  A reminder will appear notifying you that the page is part of a collection.  It provides a link to the collection for you to check whether you really want to delete the page.

pic3Heidi Tested the Caption Feature for Image Galleries:

Now users can add captions to image galleries!  The image will appear with its description automatically. In the past students would need to number the images and include a text box with numbered captions for each image. This new feature makes it easier for students to display images with the proper captions, and it makes it easier for viewers to know exactly which caption goes with which picture.

pic4Sabiya is Excited About Skins: Add Custom CSS

If you are all about personalizing your pages, then ePortfolio’s Custom CSS update is for you!  Before, you were allowed to tweak the CSS to change some elements on the pages, but now with ePortfolio’s update, you will be able to include more CSS than ever! All you have to do is expand the bottom of the “Custom CSS” text box and drop your code in. When you are done, hit save and see your amazing updates or cancel if you want to rework your code.

Uri tests Feedback

When someone would leave you feedback on your page in Version 1.7 it would appear at the very bottom, unable to be moved.  Now you are in control since you can choose to delete or move the feedback to any place on your page. After all, there’s no point in hiding good feedback!

pic5Uri likes the Creative Commons Licenses

An update which may go unnoticed by many is the choice you now have regarding which creative commons license you wish to use.  In version 1.8 you were only able to use 3.0, however in version 1.9 you are able to choose to use either 3.0 or 4.0.

“The 4.0 licenses — more than two years in the making — are the most global, legally robust licenses produced by CC to date. We have incorporated dozens of improvements that make sharing and reusing CC-licensed materials easier and more dependable than ever before.”

Students will want to use this feature in order to protect the work that they are sharing.  They can decide whether others can re-use the work or remix it to create something new.

pic6Andrew Enjoys More Page Layout Options

Now users have more options for adding columns and rows to their pages. The update offers a greater variety in new and diverse built-in layouts compared to previous versions, 1.9 also integrates a way for students to create custom layouts based upon the size and number of rows/columns.



Reflecting on ePortfolio Success

Reflection is a large part of the ePortfolio process, so it is only fitting that our showcase ceremonies featured the stories of our terrific winners about their experiences with ePortfolio. Some of our winners began building their ePortfolios on their own, while others started the process as part of a class. Some took to ePortfolio right away, while others needed a bit more convincing. No matter how their ePortfolio journey started, each story ended with success.

At the New York ceremony, Juhi Laungani, described her ePortfolio as “a representation of not only my life during college, but bits and pieces from my past that helped shape my personality significantly before entering Pace as a freshman.” Her enthusiasm for ePortfolio showed in her presentation.


We were happy to celebrate three out of our four Pleasantville winners at the Westchester ceremony. Briana Finelli told the audience how she made her ePortfolio during the winter break of her freshman year after hearing about it in UNV101.She was surprised when she came back from break and was the only one of her peers to do so!

Stephanie Jacovino shared her experience from a recent interview for an internship where the employer asked about the ePortfolio. She said he liked it so much that he wanted to make one for himself!

Emily Wolfrum describes the ePortfolio process as a great experience that all students should try.  She is glad that ePortfolio allowed her to adequately showcase her work in a professional portfolio that she is proud of.  “One of the most important things they tell you when you are a communications major looking for a job in journalism is that it doesn’t matter where you went to school or what you majored in, all they care about it your portfolio.”


We had a wonderful time celebrating each of our winners. Congratulations to all!


Identifying Good Design and Bad Design on ePortfolio

You have 50 milliseconds to make a good impression with your ePortfolio. According to the research of Foliotek, a project gathered to spread knowledge over beautiful digital design, humans are inclined to look for aesthetically pleasing images in their daily lives. They are capable of recognizing an appearance and making a judgment on it almost immediately after experiencing it.

What does this mean for the average student?

Basically, the more well-crafted and appealing your ePortfolio is, there is a far greater chance a potential employer will recognize it. Even if your content itself is sound, a poorly organized and designed layout will likely discourage any prospective employers from creating a fair assessment.

                        Before                                                                            After

Andrew Intro MessyAndrew Intro Clean








Consider the pages above to be an example of how you can identify and refine your ePortfolio.

If any of your pages resemble the image to the left, spend some time reworking your design. Keep in mind the universal standards Foliotek established when reworking your page’s layout. This includes awareness over:

  • Legible fonts
  • Logically structured and organized content
  • Appropriately fitting images
  • Topical proximity
  • And many others

With a little work and some time, everything will soon fall into place.

                        Before                                                                          After
Heidi Intro AwfulHeidi Intro Clean






Just like that!

For more information related to Foliotek and visual design, head over to:

Spring 2014 ePortfolio Contest Winners

We’re happy to unveil the six marvelous winners of the ePortfolio spring contest! Our judges selected these winners based on their selection of artifacts, reflections, and writing mechanics. Take a closer look at our winners and be sure to explore their award-winning ePortfolios!


Stephanie Jacovino is a junior applied psychology major on the Pleasantville campus.  She is a member of many honor societies and committees, including the Honors College.  She views ePortfolio as a vehicle for displaying her coursework with pride, stating that it is a way for her to reflect on experiences and growth, “both personally and professionally.”  One interesting page of Stephanie’s is her inspirations page where she collects photos and videos that inspire her passions.


Emily Wolfrum is an honors sophomore communications major and religious studies minor. Her ePortfolio showcases her work as layout editor of the Pace Chronicle, her involvement in peer leadership, and her diverse academic papers and projects. Her journalism page displays her published work from various sources. Emily’s reflection is a wonderful testament to the power of ePortfolio:

A piece of paper could never adequately describe all of the contributions I had made during my college career, nor would a resume allow me to elaborate on the hard work I’d done. And, that’s where ePortfolio came in.”


Shari Bissoondatt is a graduate media and communications student who was also selected as the March ePortfolio of the Month.  Shari’s pages detail her travels, unique experiences (like meeting Prince Charles and Camilla), her involvement with dance and theatre, as well as her academic work.


Briana Finelli is a sophomore Personality and Psychology major who was also featured as the December ePortfolio of the Month.  She actively updates ePortfolio as she progresses in her college career.  Briana highlights her skills and proficiencies on her pages using images, text, links, and journals.  Her marketing portfolio is filled with posters that she has developed as part of her internship with SDCA.


Juhi Laungani is a junior arts and entertainment management major whose ePortfolio highlights her awards, activities, and goals.  Her showcase page is special because it contains a video of herself giving her high school graduation speech, accompanied by the written script she used.  These are the types of artefacts that make ePortfolio different from a resume on paper.


Kristina Grimmer is an honors sophomore in the five year Accounting program.  She is actively involved in various honor societies and writes about these on her co-curricular activities page.  She also describes her membership of the Programming and Campus Entertainment Board and her involvement in Greek life on campus.  On her Introduction page,  Kristina sets goals for herself and checks them off as she goes along.  ePortfolio helps her keep track of her growth as a person both professionally and personally throughout college, and beyond.

Congratulations to all of our winners!


May ePortfolio of the Month: Sashel Marquis-Wedderburn

Every month we highlight remarkable student ePortfolios.  Keep up with the monthly honorees by following us @atechpaceu!

Sashel, a graduate student in the MCA program, virtually introduces herself on her portfolio by highlighting some of her skills and role models.  All of her pages include a creative commons license which protects the materials on her pages and ensures that viewers give Sashel credit for her unique work.


Sashel’s other pages describe some of the transformations that she has made.  Her page “From West Florida to Westchester” shows how involved she was during her undergraduate years.

If you take a look at Sashel’s Academic Materials page you will see final papers, presentations, and a digital story.  These are all organized neatly into two columns and all artefacts on the page are important.

sashel2 (2)

Her next page, Achievements and Awards, showcases her diplomas, honor roll certificates, and student of the month awards.  This page illustrates that Sashel has been recognized for accomplishments in the World Affairs Organization, Model United Nations, and for various volunteer activities.  You can tell from the feedback on the page that she is admired for all of these achievements!

The photographs page features photos that Sashel has taken to commemorate events.  She has described each one, letting viewers know where the photos were taken.  Whoever comes across this page will see Sashel’s creative side!

The final page that Sashel included in her portfolio is the resume and recommendations page.  This is where potential employers may see her resume as an image file, and read recommendations attesting to her “pleasant, professional, respectful, honest, dedicated, and diligent” personality!  Sashel’s ePortfolio represents a responsible, involved student with plenty of goals and skill sets to obtain those goals.

Protecting your Information on ePortfolio

Selecting some of your ePortfolio pages to share with the public is a great way to obtain a positive web presence—and maybe even get the attention of a potential employer. But before you change your permission settings, make sure you carefully consider what you share.


When you post material online, it is linked to your name and indexed in search engines’ archives.  Even if you make your page private later, the information may still be displayed in the search results descriptions:

image with arrowPreserve your safety and reputation by carefully monitoring what you post.

Consider these tips for safe-sharing:

  • Remove your address before posting your resume on a public page: Use your email address instead
  • Delete anything you would not want a possible employer to see, or anything you would not want published in the newspaper
  • Carefully choose your privacy settings.  If you want to show a potential employer your ePortfolio, but do not want to set your page to public, use a secret URL.
  • If you want to share some pages but not others, create a collection.
  • If your portfolio was public at one point, but you changed your settings back to private, some of your information may still by seen in the search engine’s page descriptions. Google yourself to see what your current web presence looks like.  If the information is still being displayed, submit a request with Google.  Or, remove the personal content from page, make it public again so search engines like Google can re-index it, then make it private again.

If you have any questions about ePortfolio privacy, email the ePortfolio team at

How an ePortfolio Landed This Pace Alum a Full-Time Position

Harrison C. Davies is a recent graduate of the Masters in Media and Communications Arts Program who just landed a full time position as Marketing & Administrative Associate at Shane Fit, LLC Corporate Offices in Westchester County. Despite the intense interview process and a pool of over 100 applicants, Davies cinched the deal thanks to his rich experiences and skill sets—and his ePortfolio that captured both.

harrison-intro (3)

Davies created his ePortfolio as part of his coursework in Dr. Michelle Pulaski Behling’s Industry Theory and Practice Class. “It was the ePortfolio that I developed and maintained in Industry Theory & Practice that my boss told me set me apart from the steep competition and made HR want me,” Davies said.

We asked Davies a few questions about the process of creating an ePortfolio that gave him his edge.

What types of pages did you create for your ePortfolio?

I created pages that I knew would do two things: Highlight my strongest skills and also fall into categories that potential employers in my respective field would look for.

What did you post on them?

Since ePortfolio is electronic, I wanted to focus the most on and take full advantage of the multimedia capabilities wherin I flooded the page with web links, photos, and video files, items that cannot be in the typical paper resume.

How did you make your employer aware of your ePortfolio?

After my initial phone interview where items that were on my ePortfolio were mentioned, I sent the link to my current boss, for review and to highlight the skills I knew I could bring to the new position. It also was discussed several times during my formal interview.

How so?

The ePortfolio came up most prominently with my documentary video files. Since the job I was applying for had a lot of media production components to it, this was the perfect way to “show off” my suburb media skills.

Davies's Media Samples page showcases videos, fliers and documents he created.

Davies’s Media Samples page showcases videos, fliers and documents he created.

What would you like other students to know about ePortfolios?

ePortfolio is great for two things: Demonstrating your multimedia skills in a professional and simple manner, and also setting yourself above from the competition. All other applicants will have a resume, references, and a cover letter. They WILL NOT all have an eportfolio, if done correctly it can secure you a full time job with benefits and a competitive salary. I am living proof.